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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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There I was waiting fOr a chance
hOping that u'll understand
The things I wanna say

As my lOve
is stranger than befOre
I wanna see u mOre and mOre
but yOu clOse the dOor

Why dOn't yOu try
tO Open up yOur heart
i wOn't take sO much Of yOur time

Maybe it's wrOng tO say
please lOve me tOo
cOz i knOw yOu never dO

sOmeday else is waitin' there inside fOr yOu
maybe it's wrOng tO lOve yOu mOre each day
cOz i knOw she's here tO stay

But I knOw tO whOm
yOu shOuld belOng

I believe what yOu said tO me
we shOuld set each Other free
that's hOw yOu want it tO be

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